Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blue Jay - Final (maybe)

I think I've pushed myself about as far as I can go on this without wrecking it.  Debated on whether to tame the bright branches on the right, but they actually show up more in this photo than in real life so decided to leave it.  Had a tough time laying in the berries.  My Erengi ArtAspirers are fairly firm OPs.  I have a few Senneliers which are alot softer and lay over the Erengi's very well...but didn't have any reds for the berries.  Note to self...pick up some more Sennelier's for the highlights!

So I think I'm done on this one (unless I go back a mess with those other branches)  ;-)


  1. Kevin, You're done a wonderful job on this piece! I love the bluejay!

  2. Kevin,

    Love the bluejay! Nice job, I find the oil pastels a challenge to work with,. Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. I see you also live in OC.