Monday, September 13, 2010

800 Colors from a palette of 12

Whew!  So this was an interesting and time consuming exercise.  I took my palette of 12 colors (plus white & black) and mixed every color with every other color and then tinted each combination giving me 10 values for each color.  Some take aways from this exercise....
  •  800 colors is a lot, but you realize that variations are truly infinite.  What happens if mixed two colors unevenly and tinted or shaded that?  What happens if I add in the complement to grey the color down? It goes on and on!
  • Got a good feel for which colors are stronger or weaker than other colors.  Thalo green, thalo blue - way strong.  Raw sienna, alizarin crimson - not so much!
  • This kind of exercise really sped up my color mixing to the values I wanted.
  • ...and....I should've done this a long time ago :-)
Well, certainly gained a better understanding of color mixing.  I had a lot of "ah ha, so that's how you get that color" moments!  Now back to the paintings.  Anxious to see how this exercise helps my painting!

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