Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Tribute To My Mom's Art

Visited my mom this evening.  While talking art she dug out two photos of some of her art.  One was an oil painting she did from a Walter Foster book and the other an ink drawing .  I remember other ink drawings I saw when I was growing up and they were all amazing.  The Cougar drawing here, I remember hanging on the wall in my grandma's home.  It was huge!  The oil painting shown here was her first (yes, first) oil painting!

She doesn't draw or paint anymore (although I suggest she pick up a pen or brush from time to time), but she enjoys watching me learn my way around the canvas.  I certainly know where I got my love of art, now I can only hope some her talent rubbed off on me!!  So here's a little tribute to my mom's art, here on my little art blog!

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