Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worked two paintings tonight

Worked on the reflections in the water and some highlights tonight. I think I'm gonna' call this one done!

Also, did some more work on the painting of our barn.  Still gotta' do something about that roof and I'll probably do more touch up on grasses around the barn, post and treeline.  It's late and I don't have many lights on in the living room so this picture sucks or maybe it's the camera, or maybe it's just the photographer ;-)

And finally...I'm so excited! I'm signing up for my first workshop.  The workshop is put on by an amazing Plein Air artist, Thomas Jefferson Kitts.  The workshop is five days of Plein Air instruction in mid August. You can read more about here.

So I'm gonna' try and bust it on some small 6"x8" Plein Air paintings around the place over the next two months so I can be ready to get the most out of this workshop!  Can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. great choice for an instructor..I know Thomas, you'll love his workshop! These paintings are looking good..I especially like the red and green together in the barn painting. Keep em coming!