Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Backward Glance - Study

Tonights effort.  This is just a 9"x12" study for what I hope will be a larger painting, maybe 16"x20".  This is based on a photo taken by a friend of mine, Thyra.  I've already done a painting based on another photo she took...what can I say, she's a terrific photographer and was gracious enough to let me use some of her photos as inspiration!

I'll definitely do another study that fills up more of the canvas with this horse before launching into the larger piece.  Never done painted a horse before, but I'd sure like do more...just my favorite animal!  We have two horses for my girls and neither is big enough for me to ride, but I don't care...I just enjoy looking out my window and seein' them in my pasture.  Hmmm, I should just go get some pictures of my own horses - now there's a thought.   9"x12" canvas board.


  1. Your off to a great start in painting an animal (besides a bird). Grandpas art teacher told him "If you love it well... you will paint it well", with practice. But this is a bit different than landscapes, barns and old buildings... right? On the other hand, I think you will find that painting animals can often be more forgiving and open to telling about a certain "feeling" they give you. Good work!

  2. Good study, J. Kevin! I tend to look at practically everything as a "study"--takes the heat off! I'll be waiting for the next version. I love how dark this horse is against the sunny field!