Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RIP Indy - 2012

Tough day today.  We had to put our cat of 9 years down.  His name was Indy, but we usually just called him "Big Kitty" because he was such a big Maine Coon.  My wife and I are very sad, but my girls, 9 and 10, are heart broken.  Indy has just always been there for as long as they can remember...and now he's not.  We'll miss you "Big Kitty"!

Bright lights, no problem...he'd just cover 'em up when he got sleepy.

He loved to talk to you!

He was often lookin' down on us from the rafters in the barn.  We never did see how he got up there!

That's a lot of fur to keep clean!


  1. It is always so sad to loose a pet, but he will stay in your hearts forever, even if this is of course a very little consolation, especially to the girls. A new little kitty might help....All the best.

  2. Oh wow, J Kevin..I am so sorry! I have two Maine Coons--they are trhe BEST breed! Your Indy is a real beauty. I hope that there really is a "rainbow bridge" where our pets go and when they get there they are young and healthy again, just romping and having a good time until the day when they can meet up with their owners again. Hugs to you and your family