Sunday, July 17, 2011

House with a View

Today I painted this little 6x8.  Was also very excited to get two Richard Schmid DVDs from SmartFlix.  Stayed up way too late watching them, but it sure is amazing watching a master "sculpt" an image with brush and paint.  I'm not thrilled with the picture quality.  You'd think with four camera's in the house I could find one that works, but one's packed up for my daughters trip to summer camp, two have dead batteries and one is torn apart from me trying to fix a lens that would open.'s my lovely iPhone pic...iPhone 3G that is, doesn't even have one of the better camera's :-o

6x8 oil on canvas board.


  1. I like the feeling of rolling hills...

  2. I like the diminishing layers in the background, showing distance. Very nice.