Friday, July 22, 2011

No Painting, but a nice addition to my easel

So I've been wanting more space to set things on with my French easel and spotted this nice little shelf up on Jerry's Artarama. I ordered it just got it today. It's the George Hensen's ShelfHelp...and frankly, I'm impressed. The shelf is 16"x10.5" and comes apart so that it can be packed up within the French easel. Comes with a nice little holder for some brushes and the lip on the right has a number of grooves for keeping your brushes from rolling away. It feels pretty sturdy, too.

I've also been reading through Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting by John F. Carlson per Thomas Kitts suggestion in preparation for his workshop coming up in August. It's a bit of tough read as Carlson is very "wordy" and they simply wrote a bit different back then. However, I can already see myself in some of the statements he makes about the things beginners tend to do and things I've struggled with in my short time as painter.

So it's been a busy week with no painting :-( but I'm looking forward doing some more painting soon. Gotta' practice up before the workshop and get some thoughts and questions for Mr. Kitts down on paper. I'm looking forward to getting as much from his workshop as I possibly can!!
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