Monday, January 31, 2011

The Magic of Color Mixing...

Past two nights I've been experimenting with a new palette that has many more transparent colors than the one I normally use.  I decided to run through another color table using this new palette and have also been mixing some of the color mixtures themselves to watch the effects.  I'm truly fascinated by color!  Here's a few shots of my "exercises".   When I'm done I'll have a nice set of color charts to reference for real paintins :-

I've already done two tables so those two colors are absent from this table.  This table is mixing Dioxazine Purple with every other color on my palette.


Friday, January 28, 2011

First Painting of 2011 - Inspired by Dennis Sheehan

Wow!  It's been way too long since I picked up a brush.  This evening I stumbled across some amazing YouTube videos of a painter named Dennis Sheehan with some of the most beautiful music playing in the background.  However, no where on his YouTube channel did he mention the music being played.  So then I remembered a free iPhone app called Shazam.  I quickly downloaded to my iPhone, ran Shazam while the song was playing on my computer and in less than a minute it identified the song title and musician, Yann Tierson.

Watching Mr. Sheehan paint was inspirational to say the least.  His brush just dances across the canvas, very loosely.  Soooo, with kids in bed, Pandora loaded up with a Yann Tierson stream, I tried to paint loosely like I watched Sheehan do.  Being Mr. Perfectionist myself...that was a very hard exercise, but man, how rewarding!!!!  Here's the result.  Canvas board 8"x10".

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just couldn't let 1-1-11 go by without at least posting a something.  Took two weeks off for the holidays...what a way to end 2010.  So much fun!  Santa brought me some new Sennelier oil pastels - the 24 landscape pastels and some watercolor pencils.  Haven't done much with colored pencil, let alone watercolor pencils, but I thought I might try using those as an underpainting for some OPs. 

Hope everyone had a great and safe New Years and here's looking forward to 2011!  Will post more paintings soon!