Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clackamas River Bend

Been painting pretty regularly this week.  I set up a Yann Tierson "radio station" on Pandora.  Incredible music to paint to.  After a while I began to realize that my brush strokes were truly guided by the tempo and mood of the music.  So what music do you paint to?! Would love to hear what music folks find most inspirational with brush in hand.

So here is tonight's painting effort.  I set this painting aside a few months ago and finally decided to pick it up and continue.  This is from a photo I took while hiking with my family and some friends high up on the Clackamas River.  I had to climb up this little hill and push the trees and bushes aside to snap this picture.  Hidden behind the dense forest was this brightly lit bend in the river...twas a nicely hidden treasure!!

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