Saturday, June 25, 2011

Villa - Finished

Well, I'm bachin' it tonight.  Wife and kids are out of town so I'm staying up insanely late...painting.  Did my first value study.  Who would've thought painting with black and white could be so hard.  I'm sure it was just the subject I picked. Yeah, that's it I'm sure.  That one I'll keep to myself ;-)

Tomorrow I plan to get outside and do some plein air around our property.  But for now... 

I think I'm done with this Villa, at least until I find something else to'm done....I think.  Yes, done.  Painted from a magazine.  Tossed in a picture of my makeshift picture holder. You like?  Okay, posting the pictures and off to bed.  8"x10" canvas board.

And my picture holder...

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