Tuesday, January 24, 2012

San Xavier del Bac Mission - WIP

Just got back from visiting my dad and stepmom down in Tucson.  Met my sister and her husband down there also.  We had a wonderful four days with lot's of site seeing and just enjoying the company of family.  One of the places we visited was San Xavier del Bac Mission.  While wandering around the mission my dad spotted a very cool view of one of the small buildings between two walls, one newly stuccoed and one rather dilapidated.  He has an excellent eye for good compositions.  So tonight I started a painting of this photo.  So far not much to see but the underpainting.

It'll be fun to see where this one goes.  9"x12" Ray Mar panel.


  1. Hehe...dad called me to point out that he's not married to my mother-in-law...sorry...I always get that kind of stuff mixed up. I had a great time with my dad and STEPMOM!! Duly noted!

  2. haha! your "mother in law"! hahaha! That's funny. Well, this is definitely off to a great start..and kudos to your Dad for seeing this ...I especially like the paleness of everything. I'll check back to see your progress